Los Altos Hills Oak Tree Bee Removal

Here’s the second oak tree bee removal we did on Sunday in Los Altos Hills. Again, I would have preferred the long route of a trapout to save more bees but Dawn and Andrew has young kids that run around the yard all the time and can’t risk the kids being accidentally stung. The flight path was directly pointed at the house and redirecting wasn’t an option either. So same method as previous tree bee removal. Get as many out as possible using Bee-Quick, smoke, and this one, water, then seal up the entrances.

We vacuumed a good amount of bees. I’ve combined both colonies into a smaller hive I have at home. We sealed up the main entrance after removing a majority of the bees.

We also found a second entrance. It was about 5 feet below the main entrance at the base of the tree. No bees were coming out yet but we sealed it up just incase.

We like to save as many bee colonies as possible. That’s our goal. We always suggest to homeowners to leave the bees there if possible but sometimes they cannot stay. In those cases we’ll save as many bees as we can.

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