Bee Removal Mountain View – Same External Location

Another successful bee rescue Friday night in Mountain View. Paul, who called about an external colony back in April where we removed it and the hive was recently adopted by CoolEatz, called again last week about another colony that made home in the exact same location as last time. This time Paul waited a while before calling. The colony has been there for a few months now. I see brood of all stages and I can tell at least the first or second set of brood already hatched, thus increasing the colony’s population greatly.

External colonies like this is simple to rescue but due to size it did take a little time. We saved all the combs except two where it was too small and the other, well, we ran out of frames as I only brought a medium and 10 frames. Here’s my dad working the bee vac to clear some bees before we started cutting the combs out.

There was a good population of bees! And like all of the external colonies I’ve removed they had very little honey. External colonies need to consume more food because they require more energy to produce the needed heat. 11 comb sections were already built.

Our queen catching success rate is very high. I would say 90% for this season. We caught her on the forth comb from the outside. Cut half of the comb section off to frame and she was right there. She’s a nice BIG queen.

The queen is laying strong and great patterns. Now that we’ve relocated them into hive boxes, they can now start collecting nectar for Winter food storage.

All cleaned up. Oh yeah, so this is the second colony I’ve removed from here. You see the ventilation meshed hole. As mentioned in April there was a colony in there. I still see some combs in there. I’m sure that’ll attract future swarms.

Thanks again Paul for calling us to save our bees!

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