Bee Removal – Sunnyvale Church – Site Check

Friday I worked from home and during breaks I did various bee things. I met with James of Woodside, a new beekeeper without any hives yet, this morning and he will adopt a hive that’s two mediums tall. Aside from that I also did an afternoon site check in Sunnyvale. Wes emailed me saying that his church has some bees near the roof, and being so close to me I ran over and checked them out.

The bees are entering into a void through the gap between the cinder block wall and stucco angler roofing structure. Wes told me that the bees have been there for about two years but it seems like they come and go. Perhaps the old colony died and this is a new one. Wes also mentioned that there’s honey running down the wall.

The entrance is about 20 feet up! We will tackle this one next weekend if the church committee approves. We will access the colony from the roof. But of course we’ll go nice and early and try to use the fluke thermal imager to find the bee’s location before cutting anything.

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