Too Late to Start a Hive?

A lot of people believe it is too late to start beekeeping at this time of the year. So is it really too late to start a bee hive?

Yes, it is too late if you start with a package (you cannot even buy those right now) or a 4 frame nuc.

It is NOT TOO LATE to start with ESTABLISHED bee hives. The key here is to obtain an established colony, especially the larger ones. Established colonies have everything they need inside the hive to grow and survive during our cold months, usually November through early part of January. They will already have much capped honey, brood of all stages, and because our Winters aren’t that harsh and food source, both nectar and pollen, are readily available in our area throughout the year, the population and honey storage will both increase. Sometimes we even get a honey harvest in the Winter! And when February or March comes, these hives will be booming and ready for the strongest period of nectar flow.

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