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Adopt A Hive – WBayshore Hive Moves to Aptos

Lairy from Aptos drove in from the coastside this evening to adopt the WBayshore hive. This young established nuc sized hive has a strong laying queen, brood of all stages, capped and uncapped honey, pollen, and about 4 to 5 … Continue reading

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Yellowjacket Trap

Yellowjackets are out in forces at this time of the year and they are a total pest! You will see them picking up dead and live honey bees so kill what you can. You can purchase those yellowjacket traps from … Continue reading

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Pallet Bees Adopted

John from San Francisco drove all the way down to adopt the queen and bees that we rescued last night (blog post below this one). He will be combining them with a strong queenless hive. Thanks John for adopting this … Continue reading

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Sunnyvale Bees Relocated from Pallet

Received a call this morning from a gentleman in Sunnyvale. He was working on his rental house and was cleaning out the yard. Lifted a pallet and noticed a bunch of bees coming out when he flipped it over. He … Continue reading

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Adopt A Hive – Adopted Hive Get Two New Neighbors

Back in April 2011 the Cervantes2 Hive was adopted and now booming with a good population housed in three mediums going into Winter, is joined by two more young nuc sized hives. This awesome Palo Alto residence isn’t just in … Continue reading

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Dan Rather Reports on Pesticides and the EPA

Check out the report from Dan Rather on new pesticides and impact to our honey bees. Video is the first 30 min.

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Late Swarms

Came home this afternoon and my in-laws told me that they saw a lot of bees in the air. Usually that means there was a swarm. So I went out to the yard and looked at the usual spots where … Continue reading

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