Adopt A Hive – Home Sweet Home in Woodside

James of Woodside contacted me after noticing my website mentioned in a beekeeping interview in the Palo Alto Weekly newspaper (print and online versions available). He was interested in beekeeping and since I’m pretty close to him we hooked up, he visited my bees, and it lead to him adopting the Rosewood Hive.

The Rosewood hive sits at their new home in Woodside, CA. This healthy feral colony is in two mediums with the top only half full. The two story hive is extremely heavy, full of capped honey ready for Winter.

Here’s James stoked to start his beekeeping venture with his first hive. He holds up a frame of capped brood during our one hour beekeeping 101 lesson.

James posing with his new hive.

Thanks James for adopting the Rosewood hive!

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