W Hotel Bee Hives – With A Bay Bridge View – Adopt A Hive

Months back I met Roger for the first time and introduced him to my bee yard. Him and Trace’s Executive Chef Paul Piscopo are totally interested in beekeeping and looking for a couple of hives to place on the roof top of the W Hotel in San Francisco. It took a while but they have secured a nice spot on the rooftop and today we delivered the single medium hives.

Here’s the fancy hive stand made to support the two hives. My dad jumped on top for the final test as the hives will weigh a ton when packed with bees and loads of honey. Dad approves so we are ready to set the hives on top.

The W Hotel honey bees wake up to a beautiful view of San Francisco with the Bay Bridge in the background. Home sweet home!

Paul, Roger, and my dad loosening the duct tape before we let the girls out.

A rooftop organic garden is in works according to Paul. The produce and other things grown in the organic garden will be used at the Trace restaurant below. The guys will also be planting flowers and herbs that the bees will love to forage on. In the photo below you can also see they made the corner secure with a gate and lock. This will keep the bees separate from the non-beekeepers that wander nearby, just in case since it is in the city and at a hotel with thousands of guests and employees.

Execute Chef Paul, left, and Roger, right, totally excited about their new hives and the beginning of their beekeeping adventures.

Thanks guys for adopting the two hives!

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