Late Swarms

Came home this afternoon and my in-laws told me that they saw a lot of bees in the air. Usually that means there was a swarm. So I went out to the yard and looked at the usual spots where the swarms land and found two TINY swarms on my orange tree. While I was setting up, the swarm pictured below flews off. This small swarm was the bigger of the two.

Here’s the other TINY swarm. I don’t think it’s even tennis ball size! There’s no way they will survive. They will need to be combined or I can make a split and use the queen for that split colony.

With that little bees it was very easy to spot the queen. Poked my finger into the cluster and there she is. Unsure if she’s mated or not.

I still have 15 hives in my yard. I can probably tell which hive it came from. One double medium colony that I took an empty super off of as someone was going to adopted them, didn’t happen and I haven’t had the chance to put it back. They were full of bees, honey, and everything thing else. At this time of the year if they do need the room I’ll put a medium on the bottom and reduce the entrance.

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