Sunnyvale Bees Relocated from Pallet

Received a call this morning from a gentleman in Sunnyvale. He was working on his rental house and was cleaning out the yard. Lifted a pallet and noticed a bunch of bees coming out when he flipped it over. He has workers coming tomorrow to paint the outside of the house and do other things as well so we went after dinner tonight to relocate the bees.

When we got there and saw the colony, there were seven small comb sections. A swarm that probably arrived about a month ago and has been building up slowly due to the slow nectar flow. This removal was very textbook and it was 100% guaranteed that we would catch the queen. Cut out each section of the comb and shake them into the box after looking for the queen. Caught the queen, she went through a crack and under the pallet. Not hard at all to spot when the colony is this small. We didn’t rubberband the combs to frames but we did bring it back just incase we thought it would be useful. Right now there are a few people who have hives that became queenless so this small colony would be a great candidate for a combine.


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