Robbing – Multiple Hives Being Robbed

After four days of rain, today was absolutely gorgeous outside. And I think the bees felt the same and perhaps kind of stressed that the first rain storm already came, nights are in the low 50s but the other night it did drop into the upper 40s. (Forecast for Thursday is 84F but the weekend getting cooler in the daytime with nights dipping into the 40s!)

Robber bees trying to get into the hive through the top cover as there’s a small gap.

I looked out the window this morning into the backyard and noticed an unusual high amount of bee activity at a few hives  at this time of day. I saw bees flying in quick motions and trying to get into the hive where the bees from that same colony wouldn’t go to. I knew immediately that the few hives were being robbed.

This is a different hive from the video above. Bees fighting at the entrance.

I suited up quickly and reduced the entrances of all 13 hives because 7 out of 13 hives were being robbed. It looks like I got out there in time to reduce the entrances because robbing stopped about 15 minutes later. All the robber bees left and all the hives were back to normal.

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