Macy’s Bees – Newark, CA

Art, another local bee remover in the area that I’ve known for almost 2 years now, called me up to help him locate a bee colony at the Macy’s in Newark because I’m perhaps the only bee remover in the Bay Area that has a Thermal Imager. So this Monday morning I met him at the Newpark Mall in Newark to help him find the bees.

Arrived a little before 10 AM and we went to the roof and found the bees immediately with the Fluke Thermal Imager. Macy’s does have a FLIR but Art wasn’t sure if their older imager would pick up the bees through the stucco/concrete, but it did. Art marks there the spot where the bees are so he can come back another day to relocate the bees, that’s if they survive (read below).

Here’s a little history of the Macy’s Bees. Macy’s contracted Orkin pest control to take care of all their pest needs. Well, like all beekeepers know, spraying the bees most likely do not kill the colony. You will kill some but at the end the colony will still survive and then a beekeeper would be called upon to finish the job off. The Orkin employee sprayed and also dusted the colony with some sort of insecticide. That and blocking the entrance with spray foam (see photo above) drove about 200-300 bees straight into the warehouse where a few employees got stung because most likely the bees were really disoriented and people smashed the bees between them and something else causing the honey bees to sting.

Long story short, Orkin set up bait hives and traps inside the warehouse to trap the bees that move into the warehouse. There were many dead bees still on the floor of the warehouse when I arrived this morning. From what Art told me it was much worse and dead bees smell really bad!

While we were inside the warehouse we used the thermal imagers to see if the bees have moved down the wall but lucky they have not. But you know when Art starts cutting from above the bees will move down into the warehouse . I suggest spraying any opening inside the warehouse first with Bee-Quick then go up to the roof to cut the stucco. Hopefully this will prevent the bees from entering the warehouse.

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1 Response to Macy’s Bees – Newark, CA

  1. fluketi says:

    We’re really happy to learn that the Fluke Thermal Imager was able to assist you in finding the bees. Keep us posted on if they stay out. Good luck!

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