Adopt A Hive – San Carlos Tamarack Hive Prepared for a Combine

Friday I drove up to Los Altos Hills to visit a beekeeper who has a hive that went queenless. The hive looks strong with good entrance activity. So the San Carlos Tamarack colony will be great to not only boost their population for the Winter but also to provide them with a strong feral queen.

Meet Kristen and her three hives.

Here is my dad inspecting one of the frames from the Tamarack hive. Lots of capped brood and brood of stages.

You will also see capped honey and bees backfilling brood cells with honey preparing for Winter.

There are at least 5 frames of bees in this hive. The daily entrance activity level is high, bringing in pollen and nectar for the colony.

And here’s our queen. Notice the larvae and capped brood.

We transferred the frames and bees into Kristen’s woodware and did frame exchange. Ratchet strapped and ready to be screened tonight and transported to their new home in the morning.

Thanks Kristen for adopting the San Carlos Tamarack hive!

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