First Year Beekeeping – Second Honey Harvest

Here’s an update from Pete of Morgan Hill. This is his family’s first year in beekeeping with only one hive. He adopted a single medium hive from me in April 2011 and had their first honey harvest in August. Now it’s only October 22 and they just harvested their second round with a medium full of honey, spinning out 30 pounds of honey from their extractor. Pete also mentioned that there is probably about 40 more pounds on top of the hive!!!

Here’s some pictures Pete sent with his update.

His hive was being robbed so he reduced the entrance about a week ago. You know what, I talked to another beekeeper yesterday and her hives had robbing about two weeks ago too. Same for my hives! Must be the weather.

Here is Pete’s son Austin holding a frame of capped honey and more in the cooler.

Pete put out the extracted frames for the robber bees to clean out. Then he’ll store the empty combs for Winter and put back in March. DO NOT put it infront of the hive as the feeding frenzy is kind of aggressive and could cause further robbing in the future.

Thanks Pete for the update!

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