Mountain View Bee Removal – Tiny Colony

We did a late season removal today in Mountain View. Normally this late in the season we don’t like doing removals because it really stresses the bees and harder for them to rebuild. But because the roof was being replaced and they couldn’t complete the job with the bees present we had to do the cutout.

Arrived a little before 10 AM this morning and checked out the bees. Very little activity and we weren’t sure where the bees were. My guess was they are in the wall but was told that the roofer said they are in the rafters. So I ran home to grab my thermal imager and found the bees immediately upon returning.

Removed the exterior siding of the home and good thing the only thing behind that was tar paper. Easy off and exposed the hive. It was a small colony with very little bees. Capped honey and brood of all stages.

Below is a comb with capped and uncapped honey. There were only a few bees there when we opened up the hive. Most were in a cluster mode on the brood combs.

Here’s some of the nurse bees caring for the brood.

We caught the queen after we removed most of the combs. She was up near by the roof, and because it was opened up, I was able to spray some Bee-Quick from above and drove her down with the rest of the bees. An easy catch!

We left the hive there to get all the bees. Will pick up the hive after dark tonight.

This colony is so small I don’t think they will survive the Winter. They will be a good candidate for a combine with a queenless hive. But I do have another tree removal next weekend where we will most likely only get the bees and nothing else. I’ll definitely be combining them if no one else needs this queen at the moment.

Thanks Lauren for calling us to save the bees!

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