Adopt A Hive – SJ 15th Hive Moves to Sonoma

Early this week I received a call from Zofia of Sonoma saying that she and her boyfriend have been interested in beekeeping and wanted to start a hive this year. Bee packages aren’t available at this time of the year though reservations will start shortly for them and arriving in May or so, but that means missing the start of the flow in March and April. And the only way to start beekeeping this time of the year is to only buy a hive that has a good population of healthy bees and much honey stores.

Zofia and her boyfriend Antoine, along with her daughter Kira was supposed to head down from Sonoma, a 1.5 hour drive or so if you do not run into traffic. Last minute things changed and Zofia sends Antoine alone to pick up the bees and get a quick beekeeping 101 from my dad and me. We opened up one of my other hives as I didn’t want to stress out the bees Antoine are taking home. Showed him the basics on what to look for during a simple inspection, and then we chatted for a little with Antoine asking basic questions on beekeeping 101. At dark I sealed up the hive that’s full of bees, brood of all stages, pollen,¬† and honey, sending Antoine on his way home to set up the hive.

Thanks Zofia, Kira, and Antoine for adopting the hive!

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