Los Altos Bee Removal – Bee Hive in Tree

Today was our scheduled bee removal in Los Altos of a honey bee colony living in a hollow of a tree. The entrance is small, only about 3 inches in diameter and we do not know how large the hollow area is inside the tree trunk. Boyd and the family was out this weekend for a soccer match so we arrived a little after 9 AM and got started. Below Boyd posed with the gentle bees during my site check on Thursday.

We set up all our bee removal equipment and started by vacuum as many bees as we can. Here’s my dad working the bee vac at the entrance.

The bees have been living in the tree since Spring. By the looks of it they have ran out of space and swarmed at least once already. You can see the exposed comb right at the entrance.

We removed as much as we could from the hollow by driving out the bees using Bee-Quick and smoke. Then cut and removed as many pieces of comb as we could. Unfortunately we weren’t successful at driving the queen out but we did manage to save a lot of the worker bees.

I was surprised as the hollow is quite large. I stuck in an ivy vine and it was at least 8 inches up, 5 inches to the left, 9 inches to the right, and some inches down and depth wise it went in at least 8 inches.

After removing as many bees as possible we sealed the entrance. Vacuumed up the returning foragers and called it a day. Now the kids will be safe during Monday’s Halloween trick or treating.

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