Weather Is Warming

What a crazy Winter. Weeks of freezing conditions and now forecast for the next few days is supposed to be in the high 60s to even low 70s! Warm weather, little to no rain thus far, could that mean a tough 2012 for our bees?

I have been watching the entrance activity of all my hives and they are steadily increasing. More and more orientation flights and appears that the population is increasing in all of those overwintered hives. Hopefully this false Spring won’t harm the colonies as there is still a month or so of cold and hopefully wet weather still upon us. This weekend I’ll be doing a few quick inspections to see how the colonies are doing when it reaches the warmest part of the day.

BTW, if the weather stays warm and because we do have a nectar flow, at least right now unless it remains bone dry, swarm season could come early. Be prepared to inspect and add a super mid-January as swarm season started in February in 2011.

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