Apocephalus borealis – Collecting Samples

This Apocephalus borealis, parasitic flies study recently released has caused a storm throughout the beekeeping world. Currently there are a lot of questions regarding these flies turning honey bees into zombies and little to no answers.

I know a few beekeepers that are currently collecting samples and putting the half live bees into containment such as a jar to see if anything emerges from these bees. I have started to do the same as that might be the one way we can tell if they are in our apiary or not. That’s IF we can see any results from our little experiment.

Note that the article state that San Mateo and Santa Clara counties do not have Apocephalus borealis but a recent location sampling list was made public and I only see ONE hive in San Jose being sampled, none in San Mateo. That’s how it goes with studies, it’s always how many and where and who spells out the results. So a few of us local beekeepers will see if our little quarantine will tell us anything. Keep you’ll updated with any results.

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