Parasitic Phorid Fly Samples Collected

Went out to collect some bees crawling around the ground infront of the hives today. I was surprised that I didn’t find many at all, less than a dozen, but in the Fall I saw a lot more. Could have been that the 3 hives I lost here were the ones heavily infested by the parasitic flies or mites or whatever else. I’ll still wait a few weeks to see if I find any Apocephalus borealis from these samples I’ve collected in vials.

Note: Lothar in Los Gatos have found these parasitic flies in his apiary. Thought to have brought them to his yard through a bumble bees hive he relocated there.

Also, study has shown that these flies are localized and won’t be spreading like wildfire, at least that’s what we hope!

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1 Response to Parasitic Phorid Fly Samples Collected

  1. Chris says:

    Actually, the flies are native across North America and are already present in most places. Brian Brien documented this in the mid 90’s. The presence in honeybees is a new phenomena that is most studied in the Bay Area, where it was discovered, but they’ve not collected National Samples yet.

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