Palo Alto Removing Bees In Tree

Received a call from Maria last week regarding removing some bees in a tree in front of the house. I suggested to leave them there if it does not get in anyone’s way. When I went for a site check the flight path is right in the walkway to the front door! And because this is a rental the tenants wasn’t so fond of walking by the bees everyday.

The hollow had a previous colony in there about three years ago. At that time another beekeeper staged a trapout. It was successful but failed to follow up by removing the trap and closing the entrance with cement. A little corner rotted away and a new colony moved in probably late last year.

Today we removed as much as we can, the hole was small, and had to seal the hole with concrete afterwards. The hole is now well sealed preventing anymore swarms to move in for a good number of years unless the trees rot some more.

It is too bad that we couldn’t let this active colony swarm before we did the removal. But then it is ok as a hive at home needed some more bees. We will be combining them and have them build up the weak colony before the main nectar flow.

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