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Mann Lake Queen Catcher – HUGE Price Reduction

I was browsing through Mann Lake’s latest print catalog the other day and noticed that the Queen Catcher HD-100 is priced at $3.50. I thought it was a print error or I was seeing things. So tonight I checked online … Continue reading

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Harvesting Honey? Use Fischer’s Bee Quick

There are many ways to move the bees off of the honey frames when harvesting honey. Here are some of the methods: – Fume Board:This is my preferred method when I want to harvest honey from a super full of … Continue reading

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Harvested Some Liquid Gold

Today we harvested some honey. Mostly golden brown color but one medium super had the super dark dark honey that I really like. If you’re looking for some local Los Altos honey we now have some in stock. 🙂

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San Francisco’s W Hotel Update On Their Two Hives

Trace’s Executive Chef Paul Piscopo inspected the two hives with Roger on Friday and sends us an update. The two hives located on the forth floor was installed late last year and each was in a single medium. Now both … Continue reading

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Active Hive Ready For Adoption

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The CoolEatz Hives Overwintered

This warm afternoon I stopped by to check on the CoolEatz hives as I wanted to see the hive activity. The two hives kind of took a reverse roll as the hive (right) that was weak in the Fall is … Continue reading

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Bee Hive In Atherton – Site Check

Received a phone call this afternoon from Mark of Atherton. His tree removers ran into a bee colony high up on a rotted hollow of an oak tree that needs to be taken down. I knew it was high and … Continue reading

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