A Visit To The Deer Hollow Farm Bedford Hive

This afternoon I took the family for a nice stroll into Deer Hollow Farm. The kids love to see the animals and while I was there I went up for a quick peek at the Bedford hive to see how they are doing.

A lot of entrance activity and the bees are bringing in loads of pollen, probably from mustard and California Bay (Umbellularia californica) trees as the Open Space has many huge California Bay trees that are in full bloom, covering the entire tree with flowers.

There was something that I saw that didn’t look right. There were a lot of dead or about to die bees infront and around the hive. Looks like the bees returned late, couldn’t get in, and froze. Many of them standing there on the ground and near the hive, not moving, with their pollen sacks full of bright orange-yellow pollen. I did notice this at home before I moved the hive to Deer Hollow Farm but the numbers weren’t as great. Looks like I’ll have to make a visit next week when it’s going to hit 70’s and open up the hive for a full inspection.

The kids got a treat today as we saw a  chipmunk on the way to the parking lot.


Two roosters were at it this afternoon.


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1 Response to A Visit To The Deer Hollow Farm Bedford Hive

  1. This time of year (at least, in the UK) is the most risky for bees as the fate of the colony depends on general health, and good fortune in weather and foraging to build-up stores. Good news that your bees are bringing back pollen, the queen must be laying. You often notice more dead bees around the hive in winter who die of the cold. I hope your inspection goes well.

    Love the photos of the chipmunk! 🙂

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