The Goats And The Bees

This wonderfully warm (actually hot, 77F) afternoon I had the pleasure on helping a new beekeeper do quick inspections on the three hives she adopted from me in 2011. While I was there I got a nice treat as one of her goats had two newborn kids on Monday. The kids, one male and one female, wasn’t even walking perfectly yet. It was pretty neat to see them.

Here’s the male kid looking for the source of food.

Every kid has to learn. He almost got it while I snapped this photo.

Below is the second kid, a beautiful female baby goat.

Here’s the other female goat that’s pregnant. About to give birth any day now.

After checking out the newborn kids, it was time to move over to the hives. Here are the three hives. The largest hive, three mediums tall is on the left.

The San Bruno Quail Pt hive is opened first. This hive was adopted on September 25, 2011 when it had only five frames drawn and about 5-6 frames of bees. A very good sign to see so many bees on top after removing the cover.

Overwintered and it appears this colony never stopped building, coming out of Winter with a medium completely packed with bees, brood, and everything else. Overloaded with bees. We added a medium above and moved two frames up.

This hive had some drone brood.

Also, the queen is laying super strong. Check out the solid worker brood pattern below.

Next we cracked open the Cervantes 2 hive adopted in April 2011. This colony was building strong but never did move into the second box when we inspected them in the Summer. So we moved things around and also added two boxes, going into Winter with three mediums. First peek into the hive since the Summer inspection. Again, loaded with bees and very healthy. Now two mediums are packed full of bees and all. The bottom was maybe about 4 frames drawn only.

And they have drones! Here’s a golden newborn drone. To its rear between the frames you will notice another drone. Swarm season is here. We added box #4 and moved up a frame from box #3.

And then the third hive that was the smallest of the three going into Winter. And yes, they survived though they have some catching up to do. The nectar flow is on and they should be growing quickly very soon.

We put back the corrugated roofing but needed something to kind of level it. Found a birdcage that did the trick! 🙂

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