Deer Hollow Farm – Bees, Chickens, Rabbits, and Goats

Another wonderful afternoon today so I took the kids and my parents to Deer Hollow Farm. I guess this and next week the kids are off from school as Deer Hollow Farm was packed with people today. My dad and I went to check on the bees while the kids enjoyed the animals.

I was just here checking on the bees last Sunday when I found a lot of bees infront of the hive that’s either dead or about to die, many looked healthy but frozen as if they came home from foraging late and froze upon arrival. Today was a whole different story. No more dead bees on the ground (probably picked up by birds and other critters that live in the hills) and activity is super strong. Guess this colony is now accustomed to their new environment. Right now they are only getting some morning sun, then by noon the sunlight has already been covered by the trees and the hill behind the hive.

Here are the boys petting a rabbit

Above a hen comes out after laying an egg. Below, you can tell who’s at the top of the pecking order.

And lastly the boys got to pet the goats. The female goat in the back, she’s pregnant and due in April.

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