The CoolEatz Hives Overwintered

This warm afternoon I stopped by to check on the CoolEatz hives as I wanted to see the hive activity. The two hives kind of took a reverse roll as the hive (right) that was weak in the Fall is now the strongest and the second hive (left) that was super strong in the Fall now has very little entrance activity. We will need to open up both hives and reduce the space they currently have so the colony can keep warm and build up faster. Hive on the left most likely will become only one box. Right hive will probably end up with either two or three depending on what we find inside after a thorough inspection. Good news, both colonies are bringing in pollen.

While on my way out I spotted some bees working these flowers. I’m no expert but these appear to be some sort of pea flowers. I know master Gardener Drew will tell me what it is once he reads the blog. 🙂

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