First Swarm Of The Season In Los Altos

Today we caught our first swarm of the season and it was in my own backyard! After leaving the CoolEatz gang we headed out for some lunch at 1 PM. On the way to lunch my mom calls and say there’s a swarm going on in my backyard. So we rushed home and found a tiny bunch of bees on my orange tree.

My dad spotted the queen almost immediately. Then we caged her. Will release her tomorrow and see if she stays.

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2 Responses to First Swarm Of The Season In Los Altos

  1. Ariel says:

    Why do you need to cage the queen when catching a swarm?

  2. We cage the queen and keep her caged in while the workers draw new foundation for two days max. We do this because we want to ensure she does not leave. Sometimes the queen’s mind is on swarming and if you don’t cage her, you put them in your hive box, the next day or so you’ll notice them gone. Hopefully having new drawn comb and space in the hive box will lure her into staying put. Not 100% guaranteed but better your chances.

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