Los Altos Bees With A Silicon Valley View

We spent the entire Saturday working with the honeybees. First stop was delivering a hive to Julia at 9 AM in Los Altos. She’s only about four miles from me and it made the transportation easy, though walking downhill at Julia’s property with a two medium tall hive with good weight to it wasn’t so fun. 🙂

The colony’s new home. They wake up every morning to a spectacular view of Silicon Valley. Straight out you’ll see Moffet Field and Hanger One that’s more than 50 percent defaced. And wow, look at all the mustard flowers right infront of the hive.

Here’s our healthy and strong queen. Three weeks ago we inspected this hive and they have only two of the frames drawns on the top box. Now, the top box is about 60 percent filled! With the strong nectar flow going on right now all the hives are drawing new comb and filling it with honey and of course the queen is laying like mad. This golden queen bee is very large and easy to spot, and notice the pure white freshly drawn comb.

I love mentoring and teach, especially in beekeeping. Today I let Julia do all the driving while I coached her every step of the way. Here Julia uses the hive tool to scrap off any burr comb.

Julia has been wanting to keep bees for over two years. Now it was the right time and I’m glad she contacted us because we are local and can guide her through her new hobby. 🙂

Thanks Julia for adopting this strong and healthy colony!

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1 Response to Los Altos Bees With A Silicon Valley View

  1. gina gaviglio says:

    awesome julia! Cant wait for some honey!
    luv gina

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