Harvested 85 Pounds Of Honey

Last Sunday we went into our two Mountain View hives to harvest the unused honey we left for them over Winter. These two hives we usually leave alone and don’t disturb it unless it’s harvesting time. One hive is four mediums high while the other is 5 high.

The beauty of these two hives is their location which provides them protection and allows us to view the bee activity through the windows. Here are my kids watching dad and grandpa go into the hives.

Here’s my dad with a frame fully drawn that’s filled with fresh honey but not capped yet. Straight foundationless comb in the frame.

A closer look at the foundationless frame with drawn comb filled with sweet looking honey. 🙂

We harvested from three medium supers. One of the three had some drone brood in there but we still crush and strained out 85 pounds of honey!

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2 Responses to Harvested 85 Pounds Of Honey

  1. Roy Carlson. says:

    You always have great pictures, weather it be bees, honey, or cute grand kids.

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