Drove Threw a Cloud of Bees

On my way home from the honeybee swarm rescue in Palo Alto, I drove through a huge cloud of swarming bees. This was my first bee swarm “drive-thru” and all I could think of was not hitting the queen!

And what does a crazy bee dude do when he sees a swarm of bees? I pulled over immediately on the expressway, where it says no parking and ran back on feet about 50 feet to see which direction the swarm was going. I then hopped back into my truck and was going to make an illegal U-turn as I was excited and didn’t want to lose the swarm’s location but then I recall seeing a ton of cops there hiding in the bushes waiting for speeders, I decided not to take any chances and turned around legally in the next exit. I located the bee swarm but unfortunately they were already moving into a hollow of an oak tree. But hey, that could mean potential swarms in the future. 🙂

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