Palo Alto Bee Swarm Rescue

Received an email from Margaret near noon today regarding a swarm of bees in her neighbor’s front yard. And on their street they have a lot of foot traffic so she wanted someone to come out to rescue these bees before someone takes a negative action against the nice and calm honeybees. Meet Margaret, she shows us where the bee swarm is located.


Margaret emails us with details saying… “Yesterday I noticed the bees that have lived in the tree near my house begin to swarm (around 3pm). They were clinging to the bark of the tree under the knot hole.  Things appeared quiet later in the day and few bees were visible and were no longer on the tree bark. Around 10:30-11 today, they started to actively circulate and appear to have congregated on a rose or similar bush. Right now they are under a bush next to the sidewalk and appear to be in a very exposed position.”

This was a very textbook kind of swarm removal. We hived them quickly.

And meet our queen bee. A nice large golden queen bee!

She wants to say hello. 🙂

Thanks Margaret for contacting us to save our local honeybees!!!

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