A Generous Donation For the Bird House Bees

Received a call from Subathra this morning saying that she has a colony of bees living inside one of her bird houses. They have been living there for about 4 years but unfortunately they have to be relocated. Subathra called us because she wanted the colony to be safely relocated and to continue on to become an even larger colony. Subathra and family also made a generous donation today to support this colony’s growth and our effort in saving our local honeybees. Thank you!

We screened the entrance and picked up the bird house. Here’s Subathra’s daughter with the bird house bees. She built this bird house with her father. We will try to put it back together and place the bird house on top of the hive boxes for a little decor. 🙂

When this next storm blows by we will do a cutout and transfer the queen, bees, and combs with honey and brood into frames and their new home.

Thanks again Subathra and family for the gift of bees and donation!

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