Bee Removal in Palo Alto from Peppercorn Tree

Trish of Palo Alto called the other day saying that they have a large diseased peppercorn tree that needs to be cut down this Thursday. But recently a swarm of bees moved into the hollow of the tree and wanted to see if we can save them. I explained that with bee removals from trees, almost 100% of the time we cannot save the queen unless we can cut the tree open. But we can save the foragers and whatever bees come out. (Trapout was out of the question on this one as the tree removers were coming on Thursday.)

The base of this peppercorn tree is HUUUUGE! And the hollow inside the main trunk is pretty large, providing a nice home for the honeybees. We vacuumed up a lot of bees and was able to get more to come out using Bee Quick and Smoke.

Thanks Trish and Doug for calling us to save as many bees as possible before the tree removers came.

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