Bee Rescue After Tree Removal

Two days ago we rescued as many bees as we could from a rotting peppercorn tree that was cut down today. The tree removers temporarily sealed the entrances and then cut off the top portion of the tree. Then two guys got into beesuits and started chainsawing the base of the tree. Once cut through they flipped the trunk over and bees started to fly out. Trish explained over the phone that a cluster of bees were forming on a fence post. So I ran out there this afternoon hoping to find the queen in that cluster of bees.

When we arrived I placed two queen catchers on the hood of my truck and immediately the flying bees smelled the queen pheromone and started to land and fan as if their queen was there. A lot of bees started to fly over so I placed the queen catcher on top of a medium that was at the back of my truck and the bees followed though some remained on the hood.

And not sure why some even started to cluster at the edge of the roof of the truck.

I didn’t want the swarm of bees to stay on my truck as I had to drop my dad off at home. So I moved the medium near the fence post where the main cluster was located and they all followed.

We picked up the bees after dark tonight and brought them home. Queenless but we will combine them with a smaller colony. Thanks again Trish and Doug for calling us to save the bees!

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1 Response to Bee Rescue After Tree Removal

  1. Trish & Doug Corl says:

    You’re the one to be thanked, Jack – – we had front row seats to one of the best and most interesting shows in town! We learned so much about bees from you and your father (watching a father and son working together save bees, how great is that?!*!), and we’re still grateful that you helped us make our site as safe as possible for both bees, and the people who have been coming here to work this week. Los Altos Honey Bees has a permanent place in my Outlook Contacts! Happy Spring, Trish

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