Sunnyvale Bee Removal – Saving Bees

Received a call from Srini of Sunnyvale this afternoon saying that there’s a colony of bees living in his walnut tree and the colony hangs over the sidewalk. This honeybee colony was about 10 feet up so it was a little too low for comfort being where there’s regular foot traffic. Though Srini and his family wished the bees can stay, it was time for them to be relocated.

I explained that we can only save the bees we can reach. Anything that remains inside we cannot save including the queen which usually goes into hiding once we disturb the hive. That’s why for those who have bees living in their tree and it’s not bothering anyone, please just leave them alone.

The bees have been there since last year. You can tell they ran out of room and started to build exposed combs outside. One of the combs I even saw eggs in it. I was hoping the queen would walk right infront of my eyes for me to catch her. 🙂 Just wishful thinking. The hollow goes in about 14 inches and then goes up and down as well. We vacuumed up about a pound of so of bees today and will combine them with one of my smaller colonies.

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