Bee Swarm Bait Hive – Huge Swarm Moved In

Every year at my sister’s place I catch a few swarms. Last year we caught three though one moved into the backyard deck because the bait hive we had there at the time was kind of small. We did a cutout for that one. This year I was more prepared and placed a bait hive with two mediums along with two old dark, almost black, drawn comb. No lemongrass oil as I knew the old hive on the deck and the black combs I put in my bait hive was enough to draw the scout bees.

Our first look into the top of the hive after the swarm moved in 10-13 days ago. Very good sign and it is a huge swarm. And within that period of time this large swarm already drew out 18 frames!!! Super fast as it was a good size colony and our nectar flow is super strong right now.

These bees definitely didn’t read Beekeeping for Dummies. 🙂 All combs were build crossed. And I mean crossed like crazy as some are almost perpendicular to the frames. I plan to keep this hive for myself so I’ll leave them alone for now. Maybe when the wax harden some I’ll correct it or just move it up and then eventually it’ll be filled with honey and I do crush and strain to harvest honey, so at that time we’ll just cut the combs out.

And oops!!! The bottom box I only placed 5 frames in a 10 frame medium. The bees started building comb down there as well. I had to do a quick cutout for this part. The new wax was so soft I decided not to keep any of them. Most were drone comb. I’ll be relocating this one shortly and then replacing it with yet another swarm trap. This week there will probably be some after-swarms to catch.

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