Two Swarms In Two Days – Los Altos Bee Swarm Removal

Jane and Kean called me on Tuesday about a swarm that clustered on their tree since Friday and suffered through some rain when we had that light steady rain all day. The swarm of bees took some beating but very little fell to the ground. The ones that did fall to the ground, many got up and flew back to the main swarm on Sunday after they dried and warmed up.

Here’s the queen. She’s definitely a virgin queen as she’s not much larger than the other bees.

We left the box there until night time to pick up all the bees.

Today, Wednesday, Jane and Kean surprised me with another swarm that landed in their backyard! Here they are with the swarm that came today. BTW, this is the third swarm in their backyard this year.

With that many swarms in their yard I knew there must be a hive REALLY close by. Looking around the neighbor’s yards I found the source of these after-swarms. Jane and Kean’s house is pretty much in their flight path, that’s why they have been getting swarms in their yard for the past few years.

Close up of the swarm from today. About the same size as yesterday’s.

And here’s our virgin queen. She’s just as small as yesterday’s queen but she kind of looks funny in this picture. A little stubby. 🙂

Thanks Jane and Kean for calling us to save our local honeybees! See you soon! 🙂

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