After Swarm With Two Queens

A week ago one of the large colonies at my parent’s place swarmed. A swarm cluster about 5  pounds of bees landed 30+ feet up and we couldn’t get to them since they were deep inside branches and leaves. We did set out three swarm traps and two days later a huge swarm moved into one of them, though the swarm flew off first before returning.

Today the same hive threw off an after swarm that landed in a neighbor’s bush about five feet. Sorry, no pictures as I wasn’t excepting this swarm today. Good thing for my trained eyes I was able to spot a few bees hovering near the bush and I knew it was a swarm sitting there somewhere. Walked over to the neighbor’s yard and there it was. It was an easy shake, look for the queen, cage her, and leave the box there until dark to pick up all the bees. But after the shake as we were cleaning up I noticed a dead queen on the ground. It must have been two or more queens casting this after swarm today. I have seen online where someone caught like 6 queens from a swarm. Last year I caught three from a swarm. Anyways, the dead queen was obviously balled and killed. One good queen remains in this nice 3 pound swarm today.

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