Good Bee Swarm Conditions

Thursday and Friday were perfect bee swarm conditions and the phone calls that I’m receiving pretty much confirms it. Today I received a few calls that I couldn’t get to so I passed on the swarm madness to a few buddy beekeepers. South San Jose swarm went to Art since we gave me one of his recent calls the other day and had a Redwood City swarm that was just a mile or less from Todd’s place so it worked out perfectly.

Here’s the Redwood City bee swarm.

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2 Responses to Good Bee Swarm Conditions

  1. Todd says:

    Thanks again Jack! I’ll try and get some pictures from Doug, the homeowner, as he was out back with his camera snapping pictures. I only took the one with my phone because I was solo, 15ft up in a tree! I had to perch the medium hive body at an angle on some branches and ratchet strap it to the tree so it wouldn’t come down when I shook the cluster into the box. It was lined up just right, and worked perfectly! I had to be quick about it, because it was my anniversary, and the wife and I had dinner and date plans in and hour. But we made it no sweat.

    It was great to have the surrounding neighbors so interested in the experience as well. A few kids who watched from a window right next door were really into it (as well as the parents). I answered some questions and debunked some myths/stereotypes about bees. I showed Doug how the girls start fanning the scent as soon as they are in the box, some drones, and other odds and ends. Too cool!

    Thanks again for the call!


  2. Thanks Todd for hiving this swarm on your anniversary!!! BTW, happy belated anniversary.
    Doug said you were very professional. 🙂 hehe
    And educating everyone is always something I like to do. I know originally Doug was contacting me multiple times to hurry and get rid of these bees. Now I’m sure he won’t be as afraid.

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