Los Altos Bee Removal – Finally Found Them

Steve, a general contractor, called me on Friday saying that his client has a bee issue at their house and need the bees rescued before they complete the remodeling. Since I was so close I got in contact with Mollie and Bob and was there an hour or so later taking a look at the bee activity. We schedule Saturday morning to find the bees and start the removal but it was raning so hard we postponed but in the afternoon it cleared up and the rains became showers, so it was on.

We knew the bees were going into the sub floor between the first and second story and the only way to remove them was from the bedroom ceiling. But the thing is we weren’t exactly sure where they were. The thermal imager gave me a visual but because it was a recent swarm the numbers aren’t that big yet so the heat produced wouldn’t be that high yet. But I was still able to get a faint reading.

I wanted to confirm what the thermal imager read. So I drilled two holes in that area and both times hit insulation. Usually if insulation is in place the bees rather not build there. So I drilled a few more holes in the ceiling, small 1/2 inch holes only for easy patching, in other area but again, finding insulation. Then after a little time I search the ceiling again with the thermal imager and noticed that heat was coming through one of the holes I drilled. That’s where I first read the temperature delta and thought the bees where there. The thermal imager was once again right. Below we cut open a small portion first to see if we can see any bees. I pushed away the insulation and found the bees right above it.

Apparently there were some space even with the insulation present but the other thing is that it was where two separate insulation pieces met but not completely right next to each other, allowing more space which the bees found to be a good place to call home. And after peeling away the insulation we exposed the hive. 🙂 A nice swarm that recently moved in. You can see the white comb. Probably about 4 pounds of bees or more.

We used the bee vacuum to remove the bees. We didn’t see the queen while we were vacuuming. The bees have only build one comb the size of my hand and two tiny comb sections.

We went home and found the queen before we transfered the bees and queen into their permanent home.

It was tough to find her because she’s smaller. She’s definitely a new queen and possibly still a virgin.

After we rubberbanded the queen catcher with queen inside we dumped the bees in. Everyone started fanning to spread her scent.

Thanks Mollie, Bob, and Steve for calling us to save our local honeybees!!!

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