Tree Climbing For Bee Rescue in Mountain View

Karen of Mountain View called Sunday about a large swarm that went through Saturday’s rain. It was pretty high up but the good thing is the tree had some easy to climb branches. So up I went and because they were all wrapped around one of the big tree branches, using the bee vac was the best option to hiving them.

Couldn’t really tell how big the swarm was from this angle. But holy cow, this was a big swarm. I would say about 4-5 pounds of bees. Below I’m up in the tree vacuuming the bees. (Picture by Karen)

You can see my dad’s legs as he assists me on the bee rescue high up in the tree. (Picture by Karen)

And I was amazed to find the queen at the end. There were only some bees remaining and all of the sudden she walks right out for me to catch her. I would have thought I vacuumed her already.

I love to educate people about our nice honeybees. Here’s Lindsay and Kate checking out the queen bee.

Lindsay and Kate with the box of bees we rescued from the tree.

Thanks Karen, Lindsay, and Kate for calling us to rescue this huge swarm!

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