Birdhouse Bees – Cutout – Queen Cell

A few weeks ago I picked up a birdhouse that had honeybees living inside of it. I brought it back to my yard and finally this past Sunday we hacked the birdhouse open and relocated the bees into a single medium hive box.

I placed the birdhouse inside two mediums first and they started to build from the exterior of the birdhouse.

Here is our very first look inside the birdhouse after we removed half of the roof. About five comb sections. It sure looks mighty tight in there.

The roof completely off.

We removed two of the sides so we can get the combs out.

Here’s a queen cell. But this queen cell could be a dud. See the indent there. What were the bees thinking. So right now the hive is queenless unless something materializes from this weird queen cell.

The birdhouse all taken apart and bees/combs removed. I will put back the birdhouse and hang it on a tree as a future swarm trap. 🙂

This was an easy and fun cutout. Too bad this hive is queenless but we’ll either wait for the queen cell, provide them with a frame of eggs and young larvae, or combine them with another small colony.

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