Adopt A Hive – San Francisco W Hotel’s New Bees

Today was one of those days where I’m running all over the place doing all sort of bee activities. Started the morning with Paul and Roger from the W Hotel coming all the way down to my place to pick up a healthy and booming hive that’s in two mediums.

One of the two hives that I installed last year didn’t make it. There was a massive pile of dead bees that suddenly died. About two weeks before the death of the colony the hive was doing great, had a good number of bees and a lot of honey. After the bees died the guys went in for a look and there weren’t much honey left. It was probably due to robbing and fighting that took the toll on this hive. So now the W Hotel in San Francisco will again have two hives, both growing quickly.

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3 Responses to Adopt A Hive – San Francisco W Hotel’s New Bees

  1. Susannah says:

    This is great! I work in the building across the street from the W on Howard St. and we have prime viewing of the bee hive activities. My office has been fascinated by the identity of the bee keepers and after a quick google search and reading your blog, the mystery is solved! Thank you!

  2. Hey Susannah,

    Here’s the blog post when we first installed the bees.

    Can you send me a photo of your view of the W-bees? 🙂 Would love to see your view of them. Email address is in the contact page.

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