Bee Rescues On Easter Sunday

My dad and I are beat! After tackling the Redwood City swarm and installing the bees in my yard we did a few inspections as well which I will blog about later. But here’s what remains for Easter Sunday.

8 AM: We’ll be rescuing this swarm in a young oak tree in Los Altos.

9 AM: Bee rescue in Palo Alto for this smaller swarm in an apricot tree.

10 AM to Noon: Hive inspections in Mountain View and honey harvest. Then hopefully lunch before our 2 PM appointment.

2:30 – 3 PM: Site check in Palo Alto. A second year beekeeper must have missed a swarm and it moved into her crawl space!!! Will see what it’ll take to remove them. Here’s a picture she captured of the swarm flying towards the opening into her crawl space.

Here are two swarms that she found after I asked her to look around for any after-swarms. I coached her yesterday over the phone on how to capture and hive a swarm. Today she reported back that the bees have stayed. Swarm #1. The harder of the two.

Swarm #2. Can’t get any easier than this.

3:30 PM: Releasing a queen from the queen catcher. This hive we relocated to my autn’s yard.

4 PM: Amy, who we removed some bees from her office last year, called today saying that there were about a dozen bees inside her bathroom at her house. I’m hoping to stick to schedule and make it up to her place for a site check.

Then… later in the afternoon and evening, probably more calls.

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