Redwood City Bee Swarm Rescue 35+ Feet High

Morning beehive pick ups and then I was off to Great America with the family. While I was there I received a few calls and emails regarding swarms. We went to chase a swarm in Sunnyvale but was too late. Only a few bees remained that were left behind when the swarm flew off. Then we tackled the Redwood City swarms. This was no easy swarm removal. Many beekeepers might not even have tried to capture them. The lower swarm I was able to reach with a 23 ft extension pole while I was standing on a 12 feet ladder. That’s 35 feet from the ground!!! The second was even higher and there was no way for me to reach it.

Bucket and pole method for swarm rescues. We shook the swarm four times before we caught the queen. She is small, most likely a virgin. We might have gotten her on the first try but might not have spotted her until the forth shake.

And here’s our queen bee.

(Todd P. I should have called you for this one. 🙂 )

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