Palo Alto Swarm Relocated For New Homeowners

Received a call from Shu this morning saying that they just closed on the house and the inspector told him that he has bees on the eve of his roof. When I heard that I thought maybe it was too late and the swarm moved in already but I rushed over and saw that it was just a swarm and where they were clustered didn’t have any void space they could call home. This was a pretty good sized swarm. There were more bees on top of the roof.

I came with just my camera so I went back to my parent’s place to pick up my dad and our truck complete with our bee removal equipment. We knocked the bees into a hive box and quickly caught the queen. Though it took me twice because the first time I caught her I thought I squeezed her in between the catcher so I opened it up and saw her fly off. Then found here again on the edge of the hive box and caught her for reals this time. 🙂

We left the box there until dark to pick up all the bees as some did move underneath the roof tiles. Thanks Shu for calling us to save the bees!

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2 Responses to Palo Alto Swarm Relocated For New Homeowners

  1. Todd says:

    Nice Jack! Speaking of queen trouble, I went into 2 hives that I caight as swarms. I finally found the queen on the last frame of the 1st hive. Big and beautiful. I had decided earlier that I wanted to try my hand at marking them. The first one went off without a hitch. The 2nd however, didn’t fare so well. My queen escaped for the same reason – I thought I was crusing her with the catcher – so I opened it up a bit, and she flew away 😦

    I hope she comes back, but if not, there are eggs, so I am sure they’ll draw up an emergency queen. Wondering if you think she’ll make it back?


  2. She won’t go far. Usually she flies onto a hive. I had one last year during inspection, he flew into the next hive which was only like 1 foot away, of course they balled her. Hopefully your queen went back into the right hive.

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