Los Altos Hills External Beehive Removal

I think this year’s unstable weather conditions have driven the bee swarms to quickly find shelter and build externally as I’ve removed a few that have just built at the eve of the roof or like the one at the construction site where it was completely exposed except a piece of tar paper hanging down blocking the bees from the “outside”. Saturday afternoon we relocated an external colony that build right next to the fireplace brick. Actually there is a nice gap and large hole where some bees entered, not sure why the queen did not go in.

Here’s our mated queen. Saw eggs already in the three pieces of white comb they have built since they arrived. We would normally vacuum up the bees but because of the possiblity of the queen and bees going behind the wall or chimney, we decided to knock the entire thing down in three quick scraps, dropping all the bees, comb, and hopefully queen. If we didn’t do that and started disturbing the colony the queen would have definitely ran into the crack making it impossible for us to catch her.

I picked up the box at 9 PM. By evening all the bees entered the hive box. 🙂

Thanks Dee and Wayne on calling us to save our local honeybees!

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