Los Altos Bee Removal – Urgent Call

Received a call on Tuesday regarding some bees entering the house and this was an urgent matter because it’s a home office and patients come and go daily. The bees were entering near the front door and some clients weren’t too thrilled about walking near the bees though honeybees are the nicest insects out there. So we scheduled a Wednesday night removal. Got there at 6 PM and still had about 2 hours of usable daylight.

The bees are entering from a bathroom vent. They started to build some comb on the vent and duct itself.

We opened up the ceiling and it was pretty nasty. Rats or squirrels used to live up here. Tons of debris and rodent dropping. You can even see the chewed up duct.

And yes, we found the bees. That’s only a small portion of the bees. We removed all the insulation and found a huge cluster of bees. I would say about 8000 bees or so.

The colony of bees were in there for only a day and already build two small pieces of comb and have brought in nectar and pollen. Cleaned everything out.

I was predicting we would vacuum up the queen but holy cow, she walked right out into the open after I vacuumed most of the bees. I reached up high and could barely see, thought I got her but oops, missed. Then my dad spots this large bee flying around in the bathroom and it was the queen. She lands on the wall and I got a clear shot at catching her this time. 🙂

Thanks Elana for calling us to save the bees!

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