Palo Alto Swarms Number 2 and 3

Yesterday Shu called saying that his gardener found two swarms in his backyard. This is the second and third swarm that landed in his backyard. When that happens you know there’s a hive really close, sometimes right next door. When we arrived we found the feral hive next door in a tree about 10 feet up.

First swarm and I am pretty sure it’s an after swarm. Pretty easy to hive.

Caught the queen and left the box for pick up at night.

The other swarm was about 15 or so feet up. And it was on a main branch and tucked under a lot of vegitation where it was almost impossible to place a ladder. We tried a few times with the bucket and pole method but we couldn’t get the queen and the bees kept going back up. We left this tiny swarm alone.

Thanks Shu for calling us to save the bees!

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