Bee Removal In Hot Weather Conditions

Holy cow! It was 92.2F today while we were doing a cutout in Palo Alto. I swear both my dad and I were on the edge of passing out in this heat, plus we were fully suited up, so that adds another 10-15 degrees right there! It was an easy removal but I knew it would be tough to catch the queen due to the limited amount of space we had to work with.

There used to be an hive on the right of this one. Someone drilled vent holes around the house but didn’t screen them.

There’s the bees. Maybe about two pounds of bees or so. Once we started cutting I’m sure the queen darted for the further corner. We vacuumed as many bees as possible and then went home to look for the queen. Didn’t find her. We might have to go back to see if she came back out so we can catch her and the remainder of the bees.

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