Mountain View Bee Swarm Rescued Sunday Morning

Received an email from Elkova on Saturday regarding a bee swarm that landed in their front yard. She told me that the neighbors wanted to get an exterminator to come out to kill the bees because they feared for their three children. That’s perfectly normal to be afraid but honeybees, especially a swarm of honeybees, are usually the nicest bees on earth. 🙂

Thanks Elkova and John for contacting us to save our local honeybees!

A closer look at the swarm. Might appear large in the photos but it was a pretty small swarm.

And here’s our queen.

The bees and queen were adopted right away by Susan of Berkeley. She drove all the way down to get them as her top bar hive is queenless and broodless.

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5 Responses to Mountain View Bee Swarm Rescued Sunday Morning

  1. Pat Alcisto says:

    I would be interestted in adopting in my back yard if it dont cost to much. I have a garden and could use something to help my garden florish.

  2. Hey Pay,
    I might have something for you. Email me.

  3. Jesse S says:

    I am also looking to start a hive, but I moved to lower lake Ca. I don’t know anyone that has bees locally. Any suggestions? 5 Acres with a large 1+ Acre organic garden in the works.
    Thanks- Jesse S.

  4. Jesse, who needs bees when you can go fishing all the time at Clear Lake. 🙂 The closest people who sells bees from you might be someone in Sacramento. I think it might be too late to order packages. But if you’re ever down this way you can pick up a hive or two and bring it back to your place.

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